Todos nós nascemos equipados para aprender um idioma. Algumas pessoas demoram mais para aprender, mas em algum momento elas aprendem. Nós temos diferentes tipos de inteligência, um bom professor vai assegurar-se de que o método utilizado dê, a todos os tipos de aprendizes, as chances necessárias de aprender do seu jeito próprio. Algumas pessoas são do tipo visual verbal (aprendem lendo), algumas são do tipo não-verbal/pictórico (aprendem melhor a partir de diagramas e fluxogramas, imagens), algumas são auditivas (aprendem ouvindo), algumas são cinestésicas (aprendem fazendo), essas pessoas têm que fazer alguma coisa enquanto estão estudando, pode ser um desenho ou fazendo anotações. Na verdade estas pessoas são aquelas que aprendem fazendo as coisas, elas saem montando o armário, ao invés de ler as instruções antes. O método tradicional de aprendizado de idiomas privilegia um tipo em detrimento do outro. Por isso alguns alunos são rotulados como maus alunos, ou seja, aqueles “que não têm jeito pra línguas. E agora... QUAL É SEU TIPO?

Tuesday, January 3

About me

Hi, I started to write this Blog Project in 2004 while teaching English as a foreign language in São Paulo, Brazil. Initially it was to be a small project to enable my students to practice and keep in touch after their courses ended. Of course the web isn't like that and since then I have received over 5.000 visitors from all around the world - learners and teachers.

Unlike many other blogs about "Languages", IDIOMUNDO is completely free, unaffiliated to any school or institution and requires no membership to access the many features. What about making money? Well, I have been approached by some people who wanted me to commercialise the site, but I have always turned them down. Why?

I love English and want to share my enjoyment of this great language. I believe in free education. I want to give something back to the wonderful world wide web which has helped me enormously in my career as an English teacher. Nobody has yet come up with a way in which I can make money without compromising these ideals, and so I depend entirely on adverts, donations, sponsorship and affiliate links to help cover the ever increasing costs of hosting and developing the network.

 In 2001 I got a bit bored just talking about English - I taught it - I spoke it - I wrote about it - and so I decided to start a Blog about Technology to help and show those people who were thinking that I had been forget my real profession. I´m graduated like as "Computing Security Manager" since 1988. After that, never I work in my English Site, because I had no time and I was so tired.

In 2003 due to the increase in traffic I set up a new web site called "Hugo Talking English". This now runs the free lessons, there are now over 40 lessons and I hope to add more over time to enable everyone to improve their English in a fun, interactive way.

Does the net really need yet another Blog? Probably not! But I am beginning to feel left out, so here I go. I definitely get the feeling that I may be becoming an Internet bore though.  At the end of the year 2005 I write so much that goes out once via Newsletters or Mails to visitors to my Blogs. I thought this would give me the opportunity to remember some of the rubbish that I send into hyperspace. So here you will find an eclectic mixture of news, personal thoughts and fun stuff - keep reading.

Welcome to my Blog !

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